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Your success is directly proportional to your

personal energy management skills

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish


Stress Management

Energy Healing for stress management


Career Management

Competency, Creativity and Clear thinking are the core components of career management. Receive energy healing for Career Management.


Time Management

Energy Healing for time management skills


Pain Management

Energy Healing for pain management


Change Management

Energy Healing for change management


Anger Management

Repression or Suppression of anger energy creates health problems.

Transcendence is a peaceful anger management technique.

Receive energy healing for anger management


Conflict Management

Closed mind and a closed heart are the most important causes that create conflict. Receive energy healing for conflict management


Strategic Management

Inner Cosmos Goal Setting and Assistance process takes you step by step towards your goals that further lead you towards your personal fulfillment and sense of achievement. Assistance is a bridge between your mind and the heart. When both, your mind and your heart are involved in the process, you get results faster than you think.



Inner Cosmos Energy Healing School

Center for vertical personal growth

Kriya Shakti - Empowerment for Accelerated Energy Healing


Chakra Healing School - Flowering from within


Energy Healing activates Source flame within you


Darkness disappears as the Light appears

Life is full of choices  -  Choose Support  -  Choose Indian Psychic


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