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The amount of Good Luck that happens in your business

is directly proportional to your personal growth.


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Business Psychic Reading in Los Angeles

Business Psychic Reading with Satish in Los Angeles


Simplify   Clarify   Verify


Relationship Insights - Health Readings - Compatibility Readings

Money Matters - Career - Dream Interpretation - Intuitive Channeling 

and a lot more...Unfold the mysteries of your Soul's Destiny


More Possibilities than you ever imagined

in a Single Psychic Reading Session


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Experience the art of Business Reading and Psychic Reading with Satish.

A holistic approach towards your radiant health and well being.


Discover new life directions Connect with your inner source of power
Create meaningful relationships Analyze your loop holes
Dissolve the illusions of limitations Analyze business opportunities
Build emotional foundation Have more fun in your life
Feel secure and confident in your body Receive insights on your inner conflicts
Bring spiritual space in your business marketing Attract positive people and situations
Create positive vibrations around you instantly Attract more prosperity and abundance
Align with your highest potential Release fears and emotional blocks
Open yourself to the flow of inspiration and creativity Transform your negative belief patterns
Ensure your chakras are vibrant, clear and balanced Celebrate being 'Here and Now'


All of this and much more is available to you right now !

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The amount of Good Luck that happens in your life is directly proportional

to the Clarity you carry within you


For a moment

Close your eyes, go within and ask yourself

What do you really want and 

How soon will you have it?


From desire to thought to idea to planning to execution

there are many factors that influence your results.

Your core ability to see clearly, feel clearly and hear clearly

that enables you to think clearly

is the single most important ingredient

that creates the difference that makes the difference in your life.


"I cant's say thanks enough for Satish. I don't have the exasperating feeling any more when I have contact with those giving off negative energy and when I have conversations and someone is negative, I am calm. Thank you again so much."


Patricia Ackerman, Real Estate


Why is clarity so important for success, progress and personal growth?


Psychic reading with Satish in Los Angeles


Clarity opens the doorway

towards Newer, Better and Greater choices

giving you more Empowerment than ever before.


Each moment in your life brings a new possibility.

The way you experience any one of those possibilities is 

through the choices you make.

And the best and balanced choices depend on the clarity you have.


The Universe has an infinite capacity to give to you.

Develop your capacity to receive by welcoming more clarity in your life.


Where Can you possibly need clarity in your life?


Physical - Mental - Emotional - Social - Spiritual - Financial

Educational - Occupational - Political - Professional - Vibrational...

and many more dimensions of life.


Know your enemy and know yourself.

Your victory will be painless.

Know the weather and the field.

Your victory will be complete.

Sun Tzu, The art of war


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Psychic Reading is an ancient art that opens new doors of clarity.

The mystics and healers of India, China and Tibet already had this 

secret - psychic power to manifest and heal, thousands of years ago.

The mystics of the East were Psychics and had psychic abilities.

The Science of medicine and herbs in ancient India and China has been 

the result of psychic reading and attunement.

Clairvoyant mystics could see, feel and hear the spirit of the herbs

talking to them and found the right herbs that heal.


The relationship between what happens 

in your inner world and outer world is that of the roots and the fruits.

Psychic reading is an art that simplifies this relationship for you.


As our eyes gaze outward, we clearly perceive

the physical manifestations that make up our life - our body world.

Yet, how to clearly perceive the subtle inner dimensions

from which all this springs?


We can easily see the fruits of our life.

They are the ups and downs, successes and challenges we experience daily.

Yet, we can be blind to the causative nature 

between our inner world and outer reality.


Can we look at the seed of an apple and 

see the tree, the fruits, the blossoms?


All the secrets are held within the seed.

The Mystic is able to see within the seed.

Within the inner eye of the mystic the secrets of life are revealed.


The seeds of our soul's destiny lie dormant within.

As the light of understanding, the warmth of compassion and

the waters of willingness nourish these seeds,

the soul's inner purpose awakens. The path is revealed.


Your gut, your stomach is the most accurate psychic on this planet.

The challenge is to connect with this accuracy within...


India is a land of infinite mystery. 

India has gifted many Buddhas, Masters, Mystics and 

Psychics to the world.


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Journey into the Psychic Dimension

 A river exists only if the two riverbanks exist.

Imagine these banks disappear.

How can the river exist without these banks?

Time is just like this river.

The past and the future are the banks that hold

The flow of the present time … here and now space.

The moment the concepts of the past and the future 

disappear from your mind,

The present also cannot exist.

Just as the river cannot exist without it’s banks.

The past and the future are like the banks of the river that hold

The flow of the present.

And that is one of the reasons

Why life is referred sometimes as…The River of Life.

The moment you enter the space of the present,

The space of Here and Now,

That’s the time … you enter into timelessness.

In this space you are One with the universe,

One with the creator,

One with the psychic currents of the cosmos.  


  This experience is real and is always available to you.

Psychic Awareness is a nourishing energy that 

guides you, supports you and protects you.


 You can spend 30 years developing this psychic awareness or

Spend an hour with Satish and benefit from his psychic gifts.


Here's your chance to meet an Indian Psychic - Satish

in Los Angeles, California.


Your gut, your stomach is the most accurate psychic on this planet.

The challenge is to connect with this accuracy within...

My goal is to awaken the psychic within you.

And when the inner psychic and inner healer are awakened,

for the first time you become aware of your vast potential.

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish


We invite you to experience the magic of a Psychic Reading with Satish

 a completely new way of understanding complex life challenges.

Understanding with clarity leads you to the process of healing.


Psychic Readings with Psychic Medium Satish 

offer you insights, advice and guidance

So You Can achieve and align with your highest potential.


Psychic Reading with Psychic reader Satish in Los Angeles


I will hold the first three fingers of your right hand and 

in 3 minutes tell you the blueprint of your energies...

Your blocks ... What stops you ... What will help ... and more.

Bring your questions

Why? When? What? Where? Who? How...

And receive psychic reading to help you move closer to clarity.

Psychic Reader and Master Healer Satish


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30 years of Vibrational Psychic Reading serving individuals.

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